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Berry Patch Puppies Awards 2022

Welcome to Berry Patch Puppies!

We believe in - carefully selecting and mating our Dad and Mamma dogs to ensure beautiful markings, correct coat furnishings and the best of the genetic health traits. 

We believe in - customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make you happy. We'll help you find a doggy companion that will fill your life with joy for years to come!


Meet The Parents!


The Daddies

  • Bentley


  • Bobby


    Bobby is our beautiful, blue merle, poodle Daddy, he is ACA registered, he has a wonderful temperament, and is very teachable, he is completely clear on his genetic health test, he weighs 33 pounds.

  • Butch


  • Dakota


    Don't let his size fool you, our purebred bernese mountain stud has a heart greater than his stature. Always eager to play and give big, fluffy hugs, Dakota is excellent with the kids and puppies. Carrying his fatherly trait, we are trusting in his loyal nature to everyone and we are confident in his calm demeanor.

  • Flaming Felix

    Flaming Felix

    Flaming Felix is our beautiful, ICA registered, blue merle poodle. He is extremely intelligent and smart. He throws gorgeous Bernedoodles with bright vivid tan points and weights 15 Ibs.

  • Tiger


The Mamas

  • Blaze


    Upbeat and gentle, our purebred bernese, Blaze, truly lives up to her name. She enjoys showcasing her speed and quickness with great precision and grace. When it is time to nurture and care for her pups, she slows it down for them , eager to help them grow to be as quick and alert as herself.

  • Daisy


    Daisy is an affectionate, intelligent young female with the willingness to play and be silly. She is registered with the AKC and ACA

  • Darlene


    Darlene is a Tri-Color strikingly good looking female with a wonderful temperament that will be passed along to her pups. She is registered with the AKC and ACA

  • Joyce


    Our girl, Joyce, has an energy that always brings a smile to your face. With a constant smile and uncontrollable tail wagging, she certainly knows how to make people feel happy. She is a purebred bernese mountain dog.

  • Kayla


    Kayla is one of beautiful Bernedoodle Mamas, with a great temperament, she is very friendly, and very athletic, she loves taking care of her pups, and playing with children, she is ICA registered, and weighs 30 pounds.

  • Rhonda


    Rhonda is one of our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Mamas. She is very social and intelligent, she is AKC and ACA registered and weighs 97 pounds.

  • Samantha


    With a smile on her face, Samantha greets us everyday jumping for joy. One of nine purebred bernese females here, she is always enthusiastic to check in with her fellow mamas here. Woth her lighning agility she makes sure to keep everyone in tip top shape here at the farm.

  • Twila


    All you have to do is look into Twila's starry eyes and she shares her feelings of calmness and security. These traits trickle down to her pups through her demonstration of excellent nurture. Gentle and kind to all, Twila is always ready to snuggle up in your lap for a good petting session, then right back to sharing her tender love to the pups. A purebred bernese mountain dog.

If any of these parents sounded great to you then come check out our curent litters or call to see if maybe we have their puppies available!

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