We DO NOT place our dogs in just any home. We want to make sure that you will be a right fit and this comes with a series of checks that we must do plus we must ensure the puppy is ready for separation. Because of this, acquiring a puppy is not as easy as just showing up and taking one. The process below should give you an idea of what this process looks like and how long it takes.


Include Your Family

Before making a decision of adding a dog to your family, you should have your entire family on board with the idea. Dogs have feelings and can sense when they are not welcomed or loved by any member of the family. It is important for kids to know that a dog is not a toy that can be discarded later. This is a family decision.


Educate Yourself & Family

Read as much as you can from our website regrading the breed that you will be getting. Familiarize yourself with all that you can. Research other websites as well. Watch videos to get an idea of what that dog looks like in real life.


Pre-Sold or Litter Choice

Our puppies can be sold out fairly quick. Sometimes even before they are born. Naturally, they will not be re-homed until separation is safe, but if you are expecting to always be able to pick your puppy, there may not be any left. The drawback to buying a puppy before it’s born is that you don’t get to pick the marking or see your puppy in action. The good part about being able to choose your puppy is that you can make decisions on the calmer ones versus the more lively ones or any specific markings, etcetera.


Visit Berry Patch Puppies

Come on down to meet your new family member. We will be able to answer more questions in person and arrange for any details that will make the transition easier for the puppy.



There is a $500.00 non-refundable deposit that is required to hold any of our present and up-coming litters. Balance is due at the time of puppy pick up. You will receive our contract and an option for final payment by cash, Credit Card and or Venmo. There is a 3.75 % handling fee to use credit card. All sales will have 6% sales tax added.


Trupanion Pet Insurance

Each and every one of our puppies gets to go home with a free trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance. We provide you with a brochure full of information as well as a 30 day free trail coupon code. After 30 days, if you feel that Trupanion Pet Insurance is something that you would like to continue for the life of your puppy, then you may do so by continuing coverage. Trupanion Pet Insurance can help cover routine wellness visits and exams, unexspected emergency costs and medication coverage. At Berry Patch Puppies, we believe our furry family deserves medical insurance too!


Keeping in Touch

Once the puppy is in your care, we would love it if we could stay in touch and help answer any questions you may have. Join our Facebook community and keep us posted on milestones. We would love a testimonial if you’d be so kind, as long as you don’t mind that we share a picture of your puppy in his/her new home! Welcome to the family!